About Us
Mintygreen Wellness Residence is a home-like rehabilitation center providing professional care services for sick and seniors in Cheras South (Mahkota Cheras,Sungai Long). We are proud to announce Mintygreen Wellness Residence is the first nursing home that put great emphasis on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

At Mintygreen, we pledge to provide senior care services including skilled nursing, post-surgery care, regular doctor visits, rehabilitation, acupuncture, Tui Na, and hospital escort. Also, the center is managed by a group of passionate healthcare professionals including qualified doctors, state registered nurses and experienced physiotherapist. Our home located in the suburbs of Sungai Long, a place that close to nature that gives good view and fresh air to the residents, definitely a much sought-after destination for your loved ones to spend their twilight years.

  • To ensure all aspects of well-being in terms of mental, physical and spiritual are well taken care of.
  • Promote dignity, respect and independence.
  • Sensitive to the needs of residents and their family members.

Inspired by Confucius's core values philosophy of filial piety, Mintygreen is committed to provide the finest quality of nursing care in a safe and senior friendly environment.



  • 确保每位入住者的心理,身体和精神方面都得到良好的照顾。
  • 提倡自尊心,互相尊重和独立。
  • 对于入住者及其家庭成员的需求较于敏感。

受到孔子核心价值观 - 孝道哲学的启发后,我们致力于提供更安全和友好的环境给所有入住者。

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